Birgit Freitag

"Vermutungen über (...)" / "Conjectures about (...)"

Fri., 2. July 2021
Sat., 3. July 2021
Sun., 4. July 2021

8:00 pm


Schwankhalle, Buntentorsteinweg 112/116, 28201 Bremen

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Sat., 3 July 2021 with audio description. Haptic tour for people with visual impairments at 7.15 p.m. followed by audience discussion with Birgit Freitag.



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A co-operation with Schwankhalle Bremen

Which characteristics are decisive for the image we form of unknown people? Is it age, gender, body size, social environment or clothing? In ‘Vermutungen über (…)’ (Conjectures about), choreographer Birgit Freitag looks for other possibilities and ventures into an unusual experimental set-up.

works with two dancers who do not know each other and only meet in person at the end of the rehearsal process. For several weeks, the two only communicate with each other in writing and constantly make new assumptions about who their counterpart is. These are the basis for movement sequences that the dancers choreograph for each other and exchange with each other. The speculative process of getting to know each other continues in the learning and implementation of these movement attributions until the two finally meet on stage and examined the material for its narrative power.

‘Conjectures about…’ will have its stage premiere in the Schwankhalle, including a live audio description. What assumptions do you make? And how do they change as soon as you experience the dancers live on stage?

Originally, the premiere was scheduled to take place at the festival TANZ Bremen 2020.



Concept & Staging: Birgit Freitag
Choreography: Birgit Freitag and ensemble
With Anne Leira Van Poppel and Mandy Fleer
Set design: Anna Lena Grote
Music: Michael Henn
Dramaturgical advice: Sebastian Rest
Live audio description Emmilou Rößling
Production Every Friday | Dance Production

In cooperation with Schwankhalle Bremen. With the kind support of the Senator for Culture Bremen and the Sparkasse Bremen.


Haptic tours (20-30 minutes) are live pre-performance tours that allow visitors to experience the space, the performers, the costumes and objects as well as the most important movement elements of the performance through touch and their own movement.

NOTE: Depending on the incidence, a daily negative rapid test/citizen test may be required for participation. Alternatively, proof of a complete vaccination or of having survived Covid-19 can be provided. Please inform yourself about the currently valid regulations at