Dance – Tool of Empowerment,
Strategy and Motor for Coping with Crisis?


May 16, 2023


Actors from the international dance scene will discuss how contemporary dance can contribute to the resilience and resistance of individuals, groups or even societies.

The time of the Covid pandemic confronted us with massive limitations, worries and most of all with the insight into the vulnerability of our bodies. But it also made us (painfully) experience our dependence on social and global contexts. After having hardly overcome this crisis, as it seems, now the cruel war of aggression on Ukraine, trouble spots in the Global South and the effects of the climate and energy crisis dominate our political and social discourses.

Against this background, we ask to what extent dance – as a physical art practice, as an aesthetic experience, as well as a social experience of community – can contribute to dealing with experiences of violence and crisis, to re-imagining the present, as well as to strengthening communities.

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#Stop the war

A declaration regarding the war in Ukraine from the network of international festivals of contemporary dance in Germany, which was recently founded

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