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Clear the stage for TANZ Bremen 2022!

This year the festival is giving special space to the artistic perspectives of women, their dance language and their themes. For FOKUS: CANADA, TANZ Bremen invites five European and one German premiere from Canada, mainly by artists who have rarely or never been seen in Germany before.

The international spectrum is complemented by productions from Bremen’s lively dance scene. We show current productions of the independent scene ‘Made in Bremen’. The Unusual Symptoms/Theatre Bremen Special reflects the diversity that results from the collaboration with international choreographers or from the mix of genres.

The encounter between contemporary and urban dance is the focus of a laboratory that will address questions about public space in the run-up to the festival; and this year’s festival will end with the SYNERGY BATTLE, an engergetic encounter of dance styles.

With the DIGITAL DIALOGUES we were able to try out new international exchange formats for TANZ Bremen last year and discover facades in Bremen’s urban space as  stages. With DIGITAL DIALOGUES II, we will further develop the format, this time enviting young dancers from Bremen and Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso.

Enabling participation, opening up new spaces, especially in the city, creating chance encounters with dance – this is the common thread running through the programme. Facades, public squares, green spaces become playing areas. The stage is opened up, becomes a meeting space for artists and spectators and serves as dance floor. Dancing, singing and carefully moving closer together again. After two years of social distancing, participation, shared experience and action in solidarity will be emphasised again. We rely on the freedom of art with its power to unite people and we celebrate dance.

We would like to invite you to join us!

Sabine Gehm and team