Yew: outside

SAT, 7. May 2022, 5 PM

SUN, 8. May 2022, 4 PM

Park links der Weser. Meeting point BSAG-Stop Norderländer Straße (side Grollander Krug).
15-minute-groupwalk to the site.

Price Group 4
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Duration: approx. 2,5 hours




A dance of ceaseless surrender, decay, mourning, unfolding, folding in.

Jeremy Wade, Choreographer

Let’s regard the yew tree, an evergreen. It sounds like “you“! Yew was used to build bows for shooting. YEW, the dance piece by Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger, on the other hand, deals peacefully with “I and you”. The “I” almost seems to dissolve and the “you” seems to be something that is not a person. Rather a plant. Nevertheless, there are tensions. They produce noises, voices, gasps. Rearing up. Then relaxation, yielding. To the ground.

Multiple experiences – softness, crumbliness, fragrance and also muddiness. “If we want to make the invisible visible, we have to be transparent. It’s not about talking to the trees and plants, but about listening to them”, Gradinger noted during rehearsals for this open-air version of YEW. Indeed, the “sound gardener” Stefan Rusconi makes the rustling and creaking of plant cells audible via electronics.

JARED GRADINGER and ANGELA SCHUBOT from Berlin began a series about or featuring interspecies encounters, THE NATURE OF US, with YEW in early 2018. With WHAT THEY ARE INSTEAD OF, they had become known as a duo. They tour worldwide, sometimes each with their own projects.



By/with: Jared Gradinger, Angela Schubot as well as: Beech, Clover, Echivarea, Fern, Gradinger, Oak, Moss, Mugwort, Schubot, Nettle, Yew.

Sound gardener, co-design: Stefan Rusconi

Costumes: Claudia Hill

Artistic assistance: Sigal Zouk

Costume assistance: Marcus Barros Cardoso

Production: Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot in collaboration with nature

Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Thanks to: Park Links der Weser e.V.

Guest performance in cooperation with Schwankhalle