Junges.Theater Bremen/
Antje Pfundtner

Open Call

TUE, 10. May 2022,
6.00 PM

WED, 11. May 2022,
10.30 AM


Due to illness in the ensemble, these events must unfortunately be cancelled. Please contact the box office where you purchased your ticket for a refund.

For twenty years, she has been creating wonderfully idiosyncratic dance pieces, sometimes light-footed, sometimes thoughtful, often extremely witty, but always with new food for thought.

Carsten Brosda, German Dance Award 2020

The beginning is open. The end too. The questions remain unanswered. Or do they? The mystery is open. But does it want to be that way? Everything could be different.

In OPEN CALL, the Hamburg-based choreographer ANTJE PFUNDTNER explores openness and its possibilities together with the Moks ensemble of the Theater Bremen. The four actors investigate the potential inherent in everything that is unclear, uncertain and uncompleted.

Openness holds surprises and becomes a prerequisite for change. With open arms and an open ending, always careful not to run into the open knife. For there are also dangers lurking: What is exposed is uncertain and vulnerable. It can be threatening, lonely, insufficient, intimidating, overwhelming.

The production explores possibilities of action, seeks the special moment of unexpected appearances and shines a light into the open with wit and sensitivity, sometimes tangible, sometimes fantasised. With small gestures, large forms and open transformations.



Choreography: Antje Pfundtner

With: Fabian Eyer, Judith Goldberg, Frederik Gora, Anne Sauvageot

Stage and costumes: Yvonne Marcour

Music: Nikolaus Woernle, Fabian Eyer

Lighting: Jörg Hartenstein

Dramaturgy: Anne Kersting, Sebastian Rest


A Moks production




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