Eintanzen (Warm up)

Seeing and understanding dance

FRI, 29. April 2022

7.00 PM

Die Sparkasse Bremen – Forum am Campus, Universitätsallee 14, 28359 Bremen

Duration: approx. 80 Minutes

Free admission – registration and free tickets: sparkasse-bremen.de/eintanzen2022

Traditionally, our committed partner and sponsor from the very beginning, the Sparkasse Bremen, together with TANZ Bremen, invites you to EINTANZEN, this year for the first time in the Forum of the Sparkasse Bremen in the new building in the Technology Park. Discover the potential of dance and how movement sequences are created. In his dance workshop, dancer and choreographer Tomas Bünger explores questions about how many different movement languages can be incorporated into a production. Varied and witty, he offers a moving introduction to the themes of the festival. To kick off the evening, Sabine Gehm, the artistic director of TANZ Bremen, will give insights into the festival programme and its focal points.



TOMAS BÜNGER was a member of the Tanztheater Bremen under the direction of Urs Dietrich. Afterwards he did further training as an integrative dance teacher in NYC and was a guest teacher at the University of the Arts in Buenos Aires. He is a jury member for young dance at the Berlin Festival and a lecturer at the University of Bremen and the HKS Ottersberg. In 2012, he co-founded the TanzKollektivBremen and has been working as artistic director of the Young Choreographers’ Platform initiated by the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh since 2014.

Sparkasse Bremen