You are beautiful. You look odd. You smell interesting. Strange: You are different! Sometimes this phrase is meant as a compliment. Because it confirms that we are something special. But Anders sein can also mean that we are excluded from a group. In everyday life, we usually navigate between these opposite poles. The actors of the Junges Theater Bremen playfully explore the facets of mechanisms of distinction and exclusion on the stage, simultaneously investigating the associated emotions of curiosity, fear and fascination.

Salome Schneebeli creates choreographies for large theatres such as the Schauspiel Zürich, the Thalia Theater Hamburg and the Burgtheater Wien. In 2010 she won the Werkjahr der Stadt Zürich. In 2012 she founded the Morphologisches Institut as an artists‘ collective, with which she performs in theatres, museums and public spaces.

Choreography: Salome Schneebeli

With: Lina Hoppe, Meret Mundwiler, Benjamin Nowitzky, Christoph Vetter

Dramaturgy: Rebecca Hohmann

Stage set, costume: Regula Zuber

Music: Markus Schönholzer

Light: Jörg Hartenstein