#Stop the war

The following is a declaration regarding the war in Ukraine from the network of international festivals of contemporary dance in Germany, which was recently founded:

We are deeply shocked by Russian troops invading Ukraine and starting a war, and by the adherent, blatant violation of international law. We condemn the infringement of human rights, the use of violence on the Ukrainian population, and the resulting threat to peace in Europe.

For many years now we have been working with international artists and colleagues who have to stand up for and fight for freedom and democracy in their countries. We declare ourselves to be solidly united with every artist and creative person involved in culture fields who are threatened, and we are for the protection of free democratic societies. As dance festivals that work on the international stage, we use our contacts and networks with the possibilities we have available to lend a voice to the threatened artists and colleagues and to stand by their side.

With the hope of being able to reach the people in Ukraine, but also the Russian populace, in indirect ways and in defiance of censure and control of the press.


Canan Erek (Tanz! Heilbronn); Heike Faude (Theater in Bewegung, Jena); Sabine Gehm (TANZ Bremen); Nina Hümpel (DANCE – international festival of contemporary dance of the City of Munich); Sven Till (Potsdamer Tanztage); and Christian Watty (euro-scene Leipzig)