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As a renowned international festival of contemporary dance, TANZ Bremen belongs to the indispensable cultural highlights in Bremen. We now celebrate its 20th edition with stars and newcomers from the international and regional dance scene.
In a period characterised by populism and isolationist tendencies, the festival also addresses the question of how contemporary movement art positions itself in this regard and how choreographers can find ways to deal with issues of the current times in their art. What is the meaning of identity and origin in a time of demarcations and a growing fear of the other? What constitutes communities and how do they define themselves? This year’s artists take their very own, at times surprising, touching or whimsical approaches to these themes. TANZ Bremen is again accompanied by an extensive supporting programme that includes talks with the audience, workshops, exhibitions and film series organised in co-operation with different cultural institutions of the city.


This jubilee edition is also an occasion to look back. Which artists participated here? Which styles and positions were represented? Those interested in indulging in reminiscences with us are invited to browse through our newly compiled archive and find choreographers who were guests of TANZ Bremen until now.